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Online car hire offers for all 4 Balearic islands: Ibiza, Majorca, Minorca and Formentera.

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Tourist info Ibiza car hire Spain
There are areas and landscapes that must be visited to really discover the beauty of the island; these include for example beautiful lighthouses. Ibiza is in the south of the Balearic Islands. The modern face of Ibiza is that of an island frequented by young people who come here to enjoy the renowned nightlife. Yet, despite this image, many parts of the island remain a natural paradise.
Ibiza´s geographical location has made it a strategic point on the east-west Mediterranean navigation routes as it benefits from ocean currents. This has meant that diverse cultures have settled on the island and an important urban centre was created, which began with the arrival of the Phoenicians.
Ibiza is the closest of the Balearic islands to the Spanish mainland, 83 km. In total Ibiza has 210 km, aprox. 131 miles, of coastline. Hire a car in Ibiza to visit the many unspoilt beaches along the coast.
Ibiza has stunning beaches, hidden coves and beautiful villages with typical narrow Spanish streets lined by whitewashed houses. Ibiza also enjoys a splendid cuisine. The most notable feature is without doubt its Mediterranean influence with a great emphasis placed on cereals, above all wheat, which when coupled with wine and olive oil makes up the typical Mediterranean trilogy.
The most famous dishes of Ibiza traditional cuisine, which you can sample in many of the island’s restaurants and some in the city, are: bullit (fish casserole), guisat de peix (local variation of the Mediterranean fish stew), sofrit pages (meat and sausages with lightly fired onion and garlic), borrida de rajada (skate in an almond sauce), Paella, Bullit de peix.
Ibiza has also its folklore and traditional costume. Women are still to be seen wearing the traditional long gathered skirt and dark shawl. At festivals the costume is brightened with fine gold filigree necklaces. Ibiza dances are performed to the accompaniment of flute, tambourine and castanets, by groups whose skills become evident as they perform the steps faster and faster.
There is no doubt that Ibiza car hire is great to enjoy the visit as it gives you the freedom to make the most of your holiday. Please do not leave until the last minute your booking as sometimes Ibiza gets very busy and it is difficult to hire cars.
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Tourist info Majorca car hire Spain.
Enjoy Majorca all year round. Nice weather in winter, very mild, to enjoy golf, sailing and many other outdoor activities. Majorca belongs to the Balearic Islands being the tourism the major force of its economy. Majorca is a paradise island characterised by stunning beaches and crystal-clear turquoise waters. Over the years, these attractions have seen the island develop into one of Europe’s most popular tourist destinations. However, away from the beautiful long beaches, In Majorca’s picturesque towns tourists can discover the less-heralded aspects of the Island, in which history and architecture join together.
The view of the sea from the Palma Majorca bay is the best excuse to reach the island by sea and an easy way to locate the city and surroundings. Many years before the urban speculation started and massive tourism arrive, the bay belonged to the fishermen and sea workers.
During the time when Palma Majorca was Muslim, it was divided into twelve districts. Now there are only two of them left, which have been carefully renewed. They are witnesses of the Arab presence and of a period when electricity did not exist.
The strong demand of houses in front of the sea forced many workers to sell theirs. A front line of small houses, carefully renewed, was created. And you can see many architectonic juggling.
Palma Majorca, the capital, is home to a large proportion of the total population of the island and is one of the most popular cities in Spain in terms of visitor numbers. Indeed, the airport of Majorca is the busiest airport in Spain in Summer time.
Majorca car hire makes lots of sense as it gives you the opportunity to make the most of your holidays visiting the unspoiled beaches as well as the typical Spanish towns.
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Tourist info Menorca car hire.
Menorca is one of the most beautiful islands in Spain but quieter than Ibiza or Mallorca, Menorca offers the tourist lovely beaches with inlets and stunning coastal views. Menorca is a great destination for sailing activities and other sports.
Mahon has some historical buildings built around one of the world's largest natural harbours.
Menorca is ideal if you are looking for a quieter alternative to the lively islands of Ibiza and Mallorca. You can explore the fabulous coastline by car as well as enjoy the sandy beaches with high standard tourist facilities.

Cheap and easy car hire Formentera


Tourist info Formentera car and scooter hire.
Formentera is one of the most beautiful places in Spain. Quieter than Ibiza or Majorca, Formentera offers the tourist lovely beaches with inlets and stunning coastal views. Formentera offers more than 20km of white sand and clear waterwith suprising combinations of blue. On the island you can find everything from the typical lonely cove to dream beaches, but on all of them you can enjoy the peace and quiet of a natural environment preserved from overcrowding.
You can explore the fabulous coastline by car or scooter as well as enjoy the sandy beaches with high standard tourist facilities. If there is something that makes Formentera different from other Mediterranean destinations is its beauty and the absence of buildings from most of its coast. The commitment of several decades to sustainable development has made it possible to enjoy heavenly beaches today, but with all the services and safety of a western destination. Check prices for cheap car hire in Formentera.

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