Dec 7, 2010
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A New Generation of Batteries

The Peugeot iOn is equipped with a new-generation Lithium-ion battery with an energy storage capacity well in excess of the old Ni Cd batteries used in the 1990 (three times more energy per kg or twice as much by unit of volume).

This battery has no memory effect. It can be recharged, even partially, without the need for regular complete discharges.

The battery can be fully recharged in six hours using a single-phase 220 V household supply via a five meter cable fitted with a standard socket and a special plug for connection to the vehicle. For normal charging the driver connects the cable to the household socket or to a standard roadside charging point, while the other end is connected to the socket on the right-hand side of the vehicle (the socket on the left-hand side is reserved for quick recharging). A symbol on the instrument panel and a LED on the cable’s protective housing signal immediate commencement of the battery charging process. It stops automatically when the battery is fully charged.

A quick recharge by means of a special recharging unit connected to a three phase 380 V electrical supply takes fifteen minutes to provide 50% battery capacity and 30 minutes for 80% capacity

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