Nov 25, 2010

A Paradise for Golf in Mallorca

Mallorca enjoys an enviable year-round weather with mild temperatures, this and its 22 golf courses make it particularly interesting for those who are interested in this sport.

Mallorca offers golf courses since 1964, the opening of the Son Vida Golf, which is in close proximity to Palma have a spectacular view over the bay. Since the 60s, it is up to now been able to achieve the construction of 22 new golf courses. The large number of clubs on a small space means that no matter wich area they enjoyon the island more than one golf course is located close to them. This gives you the opportunity to enjoy a variety of designs.

If you choose Majorca as a destination for golf you have several advantages. We have the great diversity in the neighborhood mentioned, but you can also enjoy the picturesque surroundings dream, thought hotels for lovers of the sport and other leisure and cultural activities. In Mallorca, you can learn to play golf or Practice this sport, or 1001 other activities.It will definitely not boring

What do you think of Mallorca and its golf courses?

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