Oct 14, 2010
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Amnesia from the Hippies to the techno peoples

The house where Amnesia now stands was built at the end of the 18th century. Sold to an aristocratic and artistic widow in the 70s it became a home to hippies who played in bands and danced till dawn. The four four thump of disco took over from rock and is yet to relinquish its hold. But it was the juxtapostion of new and old sounds, pop and underground which was truly influential.

While the previously open air venue was enclosed, Amnesia promoters lost the air of freedom but gained volume. All the successful promoters that inhabit it today have taken advantage of the ability of the sound system to fill every corner of the room with physical waves of sound.

From the sonic innovations of Cocoon’s techno-tastic Monday nighter to the euphoric rushes of Cream, it’s music made to be felt as much as heard. Typically it’s housier on the terrace and more banging in the sala principal. Renovated and updated since 2008, the terrace is a huge greenhouse with palm trees, many bars and a pleasantly air-conditioned VIP area which encircles the club on the upper floor.

The plebs below are cooled by less subtle means – two massive “ice cannons” blasting cold air fire off at regular intervals. Amnesia also host Espuma parties at which life-threatening quantities of foam are pumped onto the dance floor in the main room.Boulder-sized stacks of speakers litter the floor and are usually colonised by enthusiastic ravers. Tacky dancers bounce around on podiums on the upstairs floor, level with the dj booth which looks down on the writhing masses below. Expect to pay from €30 to €55 for the parties Cream and Cocoon, depending on the month. Entry on other days costs between €20 and €30. Spirit and mixers cost €12 or more and a beer €10. The bars upstairs are  moreexpensive.

Half way between Ibiza and San Antonio on the main road, on the opposite side of the highway from the village of San Rafael.

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