Aug 17, 2012

Be throned in one of Mallorca’s castles

castill de alaro

We all know castles from movies we used to watch when we were kids but how cool would it be to visit the most spectacular castles in Mallorca?

Yes.. we knew you would continue reading this interesting post, so we will start immediately! We found 4 different castles in Mallorca and each has it’s own special history, but they have one thing in common: they are all beautiful.

The ‘Alaró Castle’ is an ancient fortification dating the Muslim era and is one of the most spectacular tours of this beautiful mountainous area. You can only access it by feet and after 20 minutes of hiking on a clear day you can enjoy a stunning view of the plain of Es Pla, the bay of Palma and Alcudia and the Serra de Tramuntana, being one of the few points where you can spot Mallorca. There are several ways to start the route. You can exit from the village of Alaró, this is the longer option, or you can leave your car in the parking of the Orchard restaurant and from there begin to walk. The path is easy but the climb is very steep but the amazing view is worth it!

bellver castle

The second is the ‘Bellver Castle Mallorca’ and is located about three kilometers from the city of Palma de Mallorca. It was built in the early fourteenth century by King James II of Mallorca. It is located on a hill 112 meters above sea level, in an area surrounded by forest where you can see the city, the port, the Tramuntana Mountains and Pla de Mallorca. In fact it’s name comes from the old Catalan bell veer, meaning “beautiful view.”
Inside is the Museum of City History which contains pieces from archaeological excavations and municipal art collections as well as the Collection of Classical Sculpture. The floor of the building is circular with three semi-circular towers and a separate body twenty feet of the Castle. The construction is set around a central courtyard and has two levels: the ground floor with rounded arches and flat ceilings and upper arches covered with a cross vault in pure Gothic style.

capdepera castle

‘Capdepera Castle’ is in the northeast of Mallorca. It stands on a hill with an outstanding view over the inland region, the coastline and the Minorca channel which seperates the two islands. It’s a fortified enclosure built in the 14th century at the orders of King Jaume II for the population in the area to be able to settle there, particularly at times when pirate attacks were very common.

castillo de santueri

And last but not least ‘Castilo de Santueri’. It’s located southeast of Felanitx on the cliffs and is about 400 meters high. The current walled Santueri Castle, built in 1316 in place of the old fortress of the Muslim era, has a triangular and includes several towers. To access Santueri Castle take the road from Felanitx to Santanyí and after few kilometers you have to turn left to follow the farm road leading to the esplanade at the foot of the walled enclosure.

So if you go to this amazing island, visit at least one of these spectacular castles to enjoy an extraordinary view over Mallorca. And don’t forget to put on some good walking shoes!

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