Jan 5, 2012
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Dance in Ibiza: you choose the Music

Music in Ibiza: There is something for everyone !

Music in Ibiza is one of the main reasons why this island is so famous and attracts so many visitors. You will find all kinds of music ranging from the famous Chartbreaker to the Underground star. The numbers of  visitors are each year record-breaking and the shows are getting bigger and better every year offering really expensive events. We want to give you a brief insight into this in our blog, it´s about who’s playing what music and where to find what one seeks.

The discotheques in Ibiza every year offer with the most famous Dj’s some of the richest events in the world. One finds here every year the most famous names in the field of House Trance and Techno scene and also from all other areas of music like Hip hop, Rock and Pop. No style is  missing here !

It would be difficult to name all the stalks and kinds of Music, for this reason we want to give you in this block only a small look insight on what Ibiza in the summer of music, shows, stars and starlets has to offer. The year 2011 has shown that you can find everything in Ibiza, from David Guetta, Carl Cox in the field house and comercial electronic music to Lady Gaga, Snoop Dog Jamiroquai  and The Streets on mega concerts for every one they  rock, hip hop and Pop music loves.

To demonstrate the different facets we will move toward  first to the DJs they give ther honour each year to audiences of nightclubs inspire. David Guetta is one of the most famous if not the most famous DJ is waiting every year with his style
France House, Electro House, Hip House, an incredible show accompanied by Go-gos and always ahead of his self-produced music. He is one who can say that  he was working apart from its awards  with some of the most famous personalities.

Every Monday at Amnesia in Coocon,is Sven Väth, with his line up of techno trance and hard house on the agenda. He is also at the same time the head of the label with the same name as the party and has the Dj’s Richi Hauwten, Ricardo Vilalobos and  many more  under contract. Cocoon is one of the most visited and most diverse parties that can be found in Ibiza, as their line-up consists of so many Dj’s with so many different stems can any lover of house, techno and trance to find their own favorites.

Carl cox the resident DJ of Space Club, the first DJ to be ranking in the list of the top DJ’s around the world in the number of calls the first 10, fills every Tuesday, the dance floor and wowed fans with a variety of house and techno hits. His show basically consists in the diffrent hits he has produced himself.

The dutch Dj Tiësto, who rocks Privilege, is one of the biggest celebrities mentioned previously of the DJ scene. His line-up is made up of Electronic Dance, Trance, Progressive Trance, Electro House Music and House together. His reputation preceeds him, hurries through his popularity with audiences.

The year 2011 was not only the year of the Dj’s in Ibiza, also superstars from other styles of music there was no lack Presents, musicians such as Snoop Dog, 50 Cent, Lady Gaga, The Streets, Jamiroquai  presented  concerts in the clubs. The music line up lies in Ibiza this year, nothing to be desired from techno and hip hop to rock and Pop music: everything was covered.

Hope to see you around in 2012 !

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