Nov 16, 2010
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Ibiza and Majorca two Luxury Locations

More and more entrepreneurs from northern Europe and even large Spanish businesspeople spend your holiday on the Balearic Islands. Most of them, people with high purchasing power, select a second home on the islands of Ibiza and Mallorca. This growing tourism economy demands ever higher quality, have seen the brokers forced to adapt to the new demands of this market in order to find for all these persons a suitable second home.

Luxury Majorca
The customers, most of which are from the region of Scandinavia and Germany don´t have a specific prototype house, although most of them would opt for single-family homes or buildings with loft, from there you can look out of the sea.
Most of these tourists travel to the island in his holiday season, many ones have their own car in her second home, while others trust in car hire on Ibiza or Mallorca and Book a car to be not concerned the entire year for his second car
The most customers for this type of “luxury” homes are usually aged 50-60 years as they seek not just a destination, but possibly also a place where you want to live later. They can also cover the wish of young customers aged between 30 to 50 years. This type of real estate can be found on the property market with prices up to € 40,000,000.

But even those who do not want spend in a house adorned with their time, there is a house

starting at € 10,000,000 related to.

Because of the crisis see the recent years and continues today, is this market decline since the year 2008. In 2009, this has even topped 50%. Fortunately, it is expected that in 2011 could increase sales again by 35% to 50%.

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