Oct 14, 2010

Minorca the Island of Winds

Minorca calling the Island of winds of his geografic position is a place of relax with his virgen Beaches and protectet places for the peoples they like enjoy the pure Nature. Here you can find peac and time to relax, comon and know his bay´s with the crystal water´s, perfect for the  underwater photografi or follow the prehistoric paths they dominate this butyfull island.

With the typic Mediterranean vegetacion, with the Agriculture, wiht the livestock and with the citizens and there spacial hand for his island, you go to find Menorca in a very nice and care status.

There are a lot of delicious spacials like the Cheese of Mahon, the sobrasada, the carnixua, Caldereta of a lobster, and a lot of other exqusities.

The talaiots, or talayots, on the islands of Minorca and Majorca forming part of the Talaiotyc Culture. They date from the late second millennium and early first millennium BC. There are at least 274 of them, in, near, or related to Talaiotic settlements and Talaiotic navetes. While some certainly had a defensive purpose, the purpose of others is not clearly understood. Some believe them to have served the purpose of lookout or signalling towers.

The Monte Toro with his 358 meters hight is very impressiv and give you a incredible view. Here you can find the Santuario of the Virgen Monte Toro, she is the patron of menorca.

In the diffrent Turistic Locations of the Island you can find a big variation of pub´s and tiny Discotheks. The Queen of the night is, certainly Sa Cova d`en Xoroi, she is famouse for her situation inside of a cave and her incredible see view.

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