Dec 16, 2010
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More than 500 recharge points for electric cars in Spain

First it was Sevilla and now Barcelona. Two of the more than 500 points of recharge that are working in Spain in late 2010.

Some shopping centers and service stations have already begun to modernize there facilities with the energy of the future. Which lets us run up to 130 kilometers without refueling and more importantly, does not contaminate our battered gram atmosphere.

In Vallvidrera there is a service station provided with two charging points with four sockets to connect your vehicle with two or four wheels for 30 minutes. We’re talking about a system that complements the recharging stations that require four to six hours to fill the vehicle of energy

Thus, the user has the option of uploading his car or motorcycle in a time of emergency, to run a maximum of 30 minutes to his destination.

The point of recharge, which has been installed by a public company, will offer a free service for a year and a waiting room for users while they wait to load the vehicle. After this grace period, the cost per charge is about one euro and will work with prepaid cards and pin code provided by the service station.

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