Nov 4, 2010
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San Juan Horses, Games of Pla and a lot more of fun

The feast of San Juan de Ciutadella not only attracts people from all over the island, who live intensely, but also elsewhere, notably in Mallorca and Catalonia.

The festival begins on the day des “be” (lamb) at 9 am, with the first touch of flute in front of the palace “Caixer Senyor” (representative of the nobility). From where comes the motorcade that will visit Ciutadella, with Homo des Be “, a man who represents San Juan Bautista, clad in sheepskins, crosses painted on the feet and arms, which carries a live lamb in the back.

On June 23 is the eve of San Juan, where the big party begins at 14:00 hours in the palace of “Caixer Senyor” where the “flute” (Piper) asked permission to begin the withdrawal of knights. At this time the horses are on the street, and begin the so-called “caragols.” The horses go round to different places of the old town of Ciutadella, the pace of Jaleo in a crowd of people. The bravest are close to the horses to touch their chest when they stand on their hind legs.

On 24 June, Midsummer Day, the party begins at 8 am with the men’s retreat, giving way to the first “caragols.” Today, in addition to various official events are celebrated equestrian games known as Pla. The party ends late at night after Caragol Santa Clara and the last touch of flute at the palace “Caixer Senyor.”

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