Jan 18, 2011
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Trying to leave everything clear for your peace of mind

How to book a rental car

Pick up location and drop off must be established.

The exact date and exact time needs to be specified.

Enter extras such as child seats or seat cushion to

Select the vehicle that you like.

Before you pick up the car:

Read the Rental contract well before signing anything.

You must meet the minimum requirements. These are the minimum age of 21 years and a driving experience of 1 year. In some cases, the minimum age are 25. years

Find out the statutory VAT is included, in most cases it is so.

Insurance is very important check the contract which is included and is that good enough for you.

Please make sure that the deposit is full, if the case is not inform them about these so that they will not be imposed upon the return the car with a full deposit.

Write down the number of the backup in case of a accident keep on and focusing them on an easily-to-find place in case you need them.

And finally, be made even if it sounds a bit excesive take pictures of the car before you starts to drive to avoid that they make you responsible for damages incurreds.

Return of the car:

Before you return car, you should still look under the seats, carpets, in the trunk, the glove compartment door and look that you haven’t forgotten anything.

Find out if the rental company have other offices, maybe in the city or outside of them. And if this so whether you can bring back the car in a diferent one, but before you have to contact the owner and ask him that he is agree with this.

The key that can happen often that we mix the car keys with our owns, so pleas check this well before returning the car.Don´t trust that the rental company notes that it has taken more keys and return them inmedatly, the possibilty is very high, that you have to contact the responsible Person and must wait for them taht they send you the keys back by mail.

Also an important point, before returning the car you should make sure you have removed all Personal Documents from the car, including the Rental contract. Since it is assumed that is possible at the time of returning, the car go directly run by a different customer. and it is not advisable that your Personal Documents stay in the car why this papers contain information about your identity.

When you bring the car back you have to inform the company about any damage. Do not believe that when you say nothing about the damages could save some money because they would you be able to take legal problems after the fact, and the most important Besides others that you should remember that many other people (families and groups of friends) already waiting for the car even as you also want to enjoy a great holiday.

Finally, the rental company will give you an exhibitor ticket when you pay the rental car, this should including the miles they drove, proof of payment and all your personal information and the information about the rental car.

Pick up In Ibiza

Important notice for the pick-up process In Ibiza.

Please note that Ritmocars cooperates with the rental partner BK rent at this rental branch.

We kindly ask you to look for BK rent at your destination. There you will kindly receive your Rental car.

Please note that our rental partner BK rent is not present in the arrival hall. Please ignore the other car rental counters.

To get to our Shuttle Service please follow the Exit signs (sortida, exit, Salida)

Exit the departure hall and follow the way description on the map. Please cross the parking area until arrive at parking J 20.

Please wait for the BK rent Shuttle Service which is frequently circulating every 10 minutes between the Airport terminal and the Bk rent station. The BK shuttle bus will take you fast and comfortable to the rental station.

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