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Terms & conditions scooter rentals

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1- The reservation voucher must be presented when collecting the scooter or motorbike.
2- The following documents are also necessary: Passport or Id Card, driving license and a valid credit card. Credit card is required upon arrival, as a guarantee (and a second credit card may be asked as a second guarantee)
Minimum age: 18 years old and at least 1 years as driving licence holder for groups 2-3 . Other groups 25 years old with 2 years experience. From group 4 onwards vehicles must be booked in upon request and must also be reconfirmed. Maximum rental is 30 days.)
Payment conditions: credit card Visa or Marster Card, we do not accept debit card, Diners Club, American Express, Postepay or cash. The cardholder must also be the vehicle‘s main driver.
Our rates include:
- Collision Damage Waiver insurance (CDW) WITH EXCES, and theft cover (TP) with excess against damages to the rental vehicle caused by accident or theft, the excess varies according to the category of vehicle between 300 € - 1.000 €, unlimited mileage
- A helmet and a lock.
Our rates do not include:
- Young driver surcharge for drivers under 25 years or who have held a licence for between 1 and 4 years must pay 5 € per day,up to a maximum of 50 euros per rental.
- Additional Driver fees are € 5 per day with a minimum of 25 euros up to a maximum of 70 euros.The cardholder must also be the vehicle‘s main driver, an aplplication must be completed for an additional driver if the cardholder is unable to drive or does not wish to do so.
-Second helmet cost 5 € per day.
-The damage insurance (CDW) does not include damage to tyres, wheel rims,motorcycle seat, wing mirrors, locks, undercarriage, clutch, engine, sump, catalytic, converter and radiator,error fuel tank filler, battery recharge, loss of keys,loss of helmet, loss of lock, towtruck, taxi transfer after accident, deposit for vehicle repalcemetn and compensation for lost rental days while the vehicle is being repaired.
-The return of the vehicle more than 59 minutes over the stated end time of the rental contract will generate a charge of 20 € per day plus an extra amount corresponding to the additional rental days ( with a minimum of 20 € and one day rental charge).
- If the vehicle receives a fine during the rental period, you will be responsible for full payment of the fine as well as a 10 € traffic fine management fee.
-Charge for losses triangles 15 €, reflective vest 10 €, helmet 30 €, lock 15 €, keys from 30 € depending car group.
-There is an extra charge for one-way reservations applicable only in bookings with pick up in Ibiza Island with a a cost of 30 €. one way reservations are not passible between offices located in different islands.
- Harbour fee of 20 euros for bookings with pick ups in Ibiza harbour or San Antonio harbour.
-There is an additional local charge of 35 € for all motorcycle collected outside offices opening hours and an additional local charge of 30 € for all vehicles returned outside office opening hours.
Excess liability: CDW
Groups 2-3: 300 € . Groups 4: 600 €. Groups 5-6, 1000 €
FUEL POLICY: All vehicles are delivered with full fuel tank, and must be paid when collecting it, costing between 15 euros and 40 euros depending on the kind of vehicle and it should be returned empty, except rents of 3 days or less, in which case tanks can be filled up and deposit will be returned.
Airport Office Hours (Ibiza-Mallorca -Menorca): 08:00 am to 22:00 pm without charge. Ibiza airport from 01st May 2013 to 31st October 2013 will be opened 24h, Mallorca airport from 20th March 2013 to 31st October will be opened from 07:00 am to 02:00 am, Menorca airport from 01st May 2013 to 31st October 2013 will be open from 07:00 am to 02:00am, Ibiza harbour from 01st May 2013 to 31st October 2013 will be open from 08:30am to 13:00pm and from 16:30pm to 20:00pm, Formentera from 01st May 2013 to 31st October 2013 will be open from 08:30am to 20:00pm.Ibiza coast offices from 01st May 2013 to 31st October 2013 will be open from 08:30am to 13:00pm and from 16:30pm to 20:00pm. There will be an extra fee of 35 euros per rental after hours and one extra charge of 30 euros for return in out of office hours.There will be a charge of 10 euros of return cars at the public parking in the Office Hours.
There will be a charge of 20 euros in bookings of Mallorca and Menorca with return car in Airport Parking out office hours.
The final deadline for processing claims will be 30 days from the signing of the contract. (from the beginning of our services).
Terms Glossary

CDW (Collision Damage Waiver): Insurance for Partial Exemption of Liability for Damage. It eliminates the customer's liability for damage to the vehicle except the value of the franchise.
TP (Theft Protection): This insurance partially exempt the liability for theft.
PAI: Personal accident insurance.
Franchise: Is part of the responsibility that is not covered by the recruitment of products CDW, Partial Exemption of Damages, and TP, Partial Exemption of Theft.
SuperCDW: In addition to the products of CDW and TP, completely eliminates liability for damage to the vehicle itself and / or robbery.
Control Damage or Check-In: This is the check that is done to the vehicle after its rental to a customer, where is checked  the level of gasoline, kms, state of upholstery, sheet metal, paint , Accessories, etc.. in order to properly carry out the liquidation of the contract.
Promotional Bonds: They are the Corporate Bonds granted by A tu Ritmo RentaCar, S.L.  that allow the carrier to accede to a few tariffs and special conditions of rent but not credit, and therefore the service it is charged  directly the the final user.

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